2012-06-28 04:07 pm

Hair & Clothing: GoS Secret Santa 2011 Gift to Nathanial Royale Updates

I updated the hair retextures included in the gift I gave to Nathanial Royale to add Lilith’s colours and to modify the binning. There are 6 families, and each family has it’s own grey shade (Almighty Hat’s binning style for Pooklet’s colours, and a light pale purple as suggested by ZeroDark for Io’s colours). Elders go grey and the grey packages are needed for them to show properly.

Rose Special Gift #2 Retexture
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2012-05-21 05:21 pm
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Hair: XM Sims 91 Retexture

XM Sims 91 Retexture
Thanks to Eefje, the hair mesh has been de-poofed. =]
2012-04-26 04:08 pm
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