2010-07-19 12:39 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Policy, Disclaimer & List of Off Site Downloads


My name is Alicia, but on the Internet I go by Aweeshie. Welcome to my Dreamwidth where I post content I make for The Sims 2. I've played The Sims 2 on and off since 2004 and started creating for the game in 2010. I hope that you enjoy the downloads, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

You may:
- Show content in stories, photo shoots, etc. Credit isn't mandatory but it is appreciated.
- Use textures in whole or in part for your own work, but provide credit.
- Edit meshes, but make sure to credit all those involved in the creation of the mesh.
- Include meshes with your recolors, but provide credit.
- Package content with Sims - as long as it remains off the Exchange/TSR.

You may not:
- Use meshes or textures on anything to uploaded to any paysite. This includes sites with just donation gifts.
- Re-upload content so others can access it. If any content is down, please contact me.
- Include with anything you plan to upload to the Exchange or TSR.

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

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2012-09-02 01:38 pm
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Build: Streaky "Unexpected Siding" Recolours

Unexpected Sidings in Custard
Recolours of Honeywell's streaky recolours of the "Unexpected Siding" from Mansion & Garden Stuff. There are three versions of 17 colours (no trim, left trim, and right trim), meaning there is 51 walls. Colours are from CuriousB and Aelia.
2012-09-02 01:10 pm

Buy: Poster & Paintings

I posted these on my tumblr not too long ago and figured I should put them up here. =]
Cannabis Sativa Poster
2012-08-23 04:08 pm
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Defaults of Other Creators CC or Textures

Updated August 23rd, 2012. This is where I post defaults which use other creators custom content (or quick defaults I make using their textures). I just feel it will help keep my dreamwidth organized from what I make to what I default. I will update this entry when I make a new default replacement. The defaults go from newest to oldest order, and all files located here are compressorized. If you don't know what is replacing what, the Default Database will help with matching up the default names.
2012-06-28 04:07 pm

Hair & Clothing: GoS Secret Santa 2011 Gift to Nathanial Royale Updates

I updated the hair retextures included in the gift I gave to Nathanial Royale to add Lilith’s colours and to modify the binning. There are 6 families, and each family has it’s own grey shade (Almighty Hat’s binning style for Pooklet’s colours, and a light pale purple as suggested by ZeroDark for Io’s colours). Elders go grey and the grey packages are needed for them to show properly.

Rose Special Gift #2 Retexture
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2012-06-09 02:14 pm

New Sims 2 Default Database Coming Soon!

Are you a user of Marja's Default Database? Wish it was updated with new defaults? Well I have some news for you. Back in February CuriousB, Adia and myself started collaborating together to create a new default database here on Dreamwidth! The database is currently still a work in progress, but we hope to have it ready for sometime in July 2012.

Also we are looking for mods to help add defaults to the database, and to help moderate the community later. If you think you would be interested, please contact us! =]
2012-05-21 05:21 pm
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Hair: XM Sims 91 Retexture

XM Sims 91 Retexture
Thanks to Eefje, the hair mesh has been de-poofed. =]
2012-04-26 04:08 pm
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2012-03-02 01:45 pm
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2012-01-21 11:29 pm


I have a tumblr!
2011-12-31 04:12 pm

Secret Santa!!

I am so glad that my awesome santee, NathanialRoyale, likes the gift I sent! He kindly shared the gift on the sharing thread at GoS!!

My santa, Lilith, made a wonderful gift for me which I shared in the same thread.

2011-10-25 05:35 pm
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Clothing: Trench Coat with Knee Boots

Trench Coat with Knee Boots

I showed off these trench coats on the Show Off Your Creations thread over at GoS, and here they are! Thank you everyone for your input, it helped make the coats look better! The Seasons trench coat (preg morph by themysticalone) with Nouk's Knee Boots. The coat textures are from Grito and Katananicolai200, and the boot textures are from Nouk. Trench coats with black boots have Ecka's tights and brown boots have Aelia's tights recoloured black by Jessy. The mesh has a fat morph and preg morph.

The default file replaces afbodytrenchcoat from Seasons, with the colours Tan, Striped Grey, and Green.

Download Custom: dropbox | box
Download Default: dropbox | box
Download Atomic SpaceKitty Tights Version: dropbox | box

Aelia - Solid Tights Texture
Atomic SpaceKitty - Simple Tights
Ecka - Patterned Tights Texture
Grito - Coat Texture
Jessy - Aelia Tights Black Recolour
Katananicolai200 - Coat Textures
Nouk - Boot Mesh & Texture
themysticalone - Preg Morph

2011-10-02 11:46 am
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Clothing: Pencil Skirt with Heels

Pencil Skirt with Heels
Teen & Elder version by Trapping located here

I showed off these skirts on the Show Off Your Creations thread over at GoS, and there was some interest. A shoe swap on Migamoo's pencil skirt (preg morph by CatofEvilGenius) with Sentate's heels. Textures are from Migamoo and Sentate, and there are four recolours of the skirt. The mesh has a fat and preg morph.

The default file replaces afbottomskirttight from Base Game, with the black recolour.

Download Custom: dropbox | box
Download Default: dropbox | box

CatOfEvilGenius - Skirt Preg morph
Migamoo - Skirt Texture & Mesh
Sentate - Heels Texture and Mesh

2011-08-14 08:22 pm
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Clothing: Thermal PJs Retextured

Thermal PJs Retextured

Retexture of Bruno's thermal PJs in nine colours. Top texture is from Nabila's Double Vision top set. I edited Kayleigh's edit of Liana 136 mesh to have Eaxis' block feet since Liana's original mesh had awkward feet (see picture below). The mesh has fat and preg morph, which were made by Kayleigh. I replaced the GMDC file in Kayleigh mesh package, so it will still pick up bruno's textures. It also means that you can only have one of the meshes in your game (Kayleigh's sexyfeet edit, my blockfeet edit or Liana's original).

The default file replaces afbodypajamaslong from Glamour Life Stuff, with the colours Light Green, Purple, and Pink.

Feet Comparison:
Feet Comparison

Download Blockfeet Custom: dropbox | box
Download Blockfeet Default: dropbox | box

Download Sexyfeet Custom: dropbox | box
Download Sexyfeet Default: dropbox | box

Aelia - Colour Actions
Bruno - Shorts Texture
CuriousB - Colour Actions
Kayleigh - Sexyfeet Mesh
Liana - Original Mesh
Eaxis - Blockfeet
Nabila - Shirt Texture

2011-07-30 04:15 pm
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Clothing: Slip Retextured

Slip Retextured

Base game slip in nine colours, inspired by Sevenskellington's Gemology Sleepwear set. Textures are from Flinn's Lacrimosa dress, Bruno's Cool Undeez underwear and EAxis.

The default file replaces afbodyslip, with the colours Light Blue, Light Purple and Pink for University and Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, and Silver for Base Game.

Download Custom: dropbox | box
Download Default: dropbox | box

Bruno - Textures
EAxis - Textures
Flinn - Textures